Piety Pie.

 Ireland 2008
© edward chadwick 2009

The goodness is paying off.
Since the last installment of petty thievery, things have gone from strength to strength at the gallery.  Sales, commissions and general good things have helped put the unfortunate loss behind us.

Saturday, being particularly fruitful demanded some light evening celebrations, being sub-zero out, a trip down a riverbank was embarked upon in my 'christmas sneaks'.  Ground hard and crispy crunching underfoot illuminated  by a frosty moon it seemed like a great plan, the local was arrived at in good time for an evenings daftness.  A generous landlady, perhaps a little too much sweet soul music and stunning form on the pool table culminated in the loss of a 'sneak' in a particularly boggy hole on the homeward leg, not the best way to round off the evening, precarious infact.

A decision was made on Monday for a little reformation.  Opportunities arose for more silliness, but were swiftly rebuffed in favour of a nice bit of pie with a pal.  The pie worked it's magic but still left a little bit of hankering for cake, so there's still room for a jot of naughtiness in the new regime.

aut viam inveniam aut faciam...

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