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I've had a bit of blogging block lately, that and too little time.

Meetings discussing the future of craft have been taking precedent over mostly all else, leaving a smidgen of time to concentrate on my own projects and virtually nil for any carousing.  Finally by Thursday the fog of financial finicalness was beginning to clear, a trip to a small local village was hastily arranged to watch some pals indulge their passion for vaguely experimental electro folk.  The venue was intimate, the ale good and the company was surprising, especially for me, a friend of a friend turned out to be a real blast from my heady days as a student, when I still had far too much hair.  I always find it a bit weird when people crop up in your life after long absences, strange coincidences leave me slightly spooked.  It's the same when new pals also remind you of old ones too, perturbing...

The following morning, a chat with a pal over coffee revealed more opportunities for some evening fun and frolics, a trip to a trio of exhibition openings was in the offing.  By 5 impetuousness found me in the Bulls Head enjoying a couple of pints of a rather appropriately named 'January Sale' ale, which slipped down very smoothly indeed.  Thirst quenched I rolled to my first cultural port of call at International 3 to peruse some dark drawings and meet up with some pals. The conversation turned to real ale and rock which was enjoyable.

Next on the itinerary was Cube where a delectable young lady was waiting to join me in the evenings fun, the world of craft was put to rights over a scant glance at some architectural models and a particularly average glass of Chateau Irwell embankment.  The evening was progressing at a swift clip so some forward planning was in order.  A table was swiftly booked before the pace was slowed with a scamper down the steps into the rather cosy Temple Bar.  After hitting the jukebox for a couple of choice numbers, tracks were made to Cornerhouse where the highlight was a pig in the gallery - yes a real one!

The final port of call before the gallop back to the sticks was a revisit to the scene of some of the pre - Christmas crafty capers where a rather excellent night cap in the form of an 'Old Fashioned' was delivered after a good quarter of an hour of preparation.  It wasn't the only thing being stirred either...

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SallyF said...

you had hair?? gosh.