Dreaming of Revelry

 lively and noisy festivities

Time keeps spiraling on, the week and its festivities seem to have gone by in the blink of an eye.

The week began with the final dash to the finish of the years work commitments, it was busy right up to the line, which was in some ways welcome after recent times.  Any last minute pre-Christmas debauchery was swiftly sidestepped and Christmas Eve saw pals going their own separate ways which was in some ways quite emotional.  Any metaphorical tears spilt in the car park were blown away by the time we hit one-ten on the motorway away from civilisation, out to the wilds for the holiday season, an evening of Champagne and optimism was only dampened by a cloud of undertheweatherness on Christmas morning.

Arrangements were cancelled then hastily re-arranged as clouds cleared and clarity blossomed, dinner was missed but I still ended up with the beef and cake after an impromptu guitar performance, so smiles all round.  A trip to a seaside of sorts beckoned where more cake was consumed, garages inspected and feathers ruffled by open windows.

Quiet times ensued for a short while, now however, movements are going on behind the scenes for New Years Eve antics.  Plans are being hatched, wardrobes honed and drinks selected to make sure things start of with a bang for 2009...

If you don't hear owt between now and then... 

Then it's best wishes from me to you all... 



Horror Vacui.

Fear of the Void
Manchester 2008
© edward chadwick 2009

Well here we are, the week's installment of creativity and misdemeanor.

For the most part it's been work, work, work.  Things have been pretty busy at the gallery, which I suppose is a given for the time of year.  With the current economic scenario things could always be better, but then again they could be worse too, so best not to dwell.

Socially it's been relatively quiet, until last night that is, what started out as a few drinks with some choice chaps descended into debauchery by 9 p.m!  Hungry boys meant I was left to my own devices in my favourite Jazz club, later, the promise of some good company saw us hopping in a cab to the south side of the City.

A few fine wines, hot spirits and some high jinx provided a healthy dose of hilarity, dampened only by the hours accelerating by too fast to concentrate on, before long it was 4 a.m, the saintly advice given by a good pal earlier was rather tarnished. Finally, way was made to a spare room for some welcome respite from the evening's storm.

Today dawned wet and windy, a bus heaved and rattled it's way back into town, peering out of the steamy windows, surrounded by the foist of damp students was the cue for a return to reality, hot chocolate and a fine dose of Sex on Fire brought things onto an even keel.

Creatively the week has been positively bursting at the seams, new work has been made for the gallery and for some of my other more personal projects.  An invitation has been extended to feature in a small sub exhibition running alongside the forthcoming Horror Vacui exhibition at the Manchester Craft and Design Centre so after much contemplation of ideas for a conceptual piece - a final path has been chosen - to be embarked upon with renewed vim & vigour over the Christmas break...

Watch this space...


My Giddy Aunt!

Crafty Ladies
© edward chadwick 2009

Well, well, where to begin?
The official Crafty Christmas frolics are done with for another year, and I believe much fun was had by all judging from early reports coming in over the radar.

Stepping back and reflecting on the last 24 hours or so. The day in the world of craft began under a cloud of misinformation and petty nonsense, quickly dealt with, much work was produced before a fine pal was coerced into a swift warm up ale.  Ale duly quaffed, further preparations were made for the jollity ahead,  a bottle of something sparkly was dispatched to draw in the ever tightening knot of intrigue, dapper clothing was donned and all headed out into the night. 

Common Bar provided the first port of call, before someone got silly and bounded into the Millstone much to the consternation and puzzlement of both colleagues and clientele of said less than salubrious watering hole , a quick snifter led to a gallop across town at a brisk clip, still arriving at the restaurant before a certain Mini lurched onto the double yellows outside.

Once inside and firmly ensconced at without hesitation the best table in the place, the wine flowed as did the conversation, spurred on by a cheeky young chappy and his penchant for tequila, amaretto seemed like a good idea....In the middle of a meal, most odd but not without it's attractions.  By the finish, the combination of a hugely inflated bill and some particularly tardy attendance saw some toys being tossed about with a little bit of abandon, arriving at the Perveril of the Peak just in time for closing, the night was on a downward spiral.  People were scuttling off into the night at a rate of knots, retreating back to their crafty burrows in the search of solace wrapped up in a double weight extra tog duvet.

A text from a good friend righted the ship and haste was made towards Odder, where the company far from being odd was particularly choice. Much merriment intermingled with some mild flirtation ensued and then only 5 were left. Come closing, 5 hopped  in a cab across town and got their MoJo on in a busy spot unfortunately spoilt by some surly bar staff.  For a pair of older gents a jot of tiredness,  a dash of boredom and a sprinkling of regret and frustration for one at least saw a final stomp to the Northern Quarter to make final arrangements for heading back to respective resting places.

All in all, quite an evening, the veritable rollercoaster of emotions not being helped by some garden path shenanigens, and today?

Fresh as a daisy of course? No, really...


Winter Blues.

Frosty - Silence
© edward chadwick 2009

A girl said to me this week, she had a bit of the winter blues, I know how she feels, it's an odd time.  Filled with expectation yet with the inevitability of an anti-climax, and I'm not just refering to our Crafty Christmas Party coming up this week.

I thoroughly explored the winter blues aspect of things midweek, the evening started off splendidly with a visit to Matt & Preds Jazz Club with some choice company.  Once said company had departed the wheels got a little shaky and at once rather disenchanted with the Bars of the Northern Quarter a gallop was made to the sticks, where things became, shall we say....Eventful...

A subsequent evening spent in a wing back chair in a more salubrious environment with a very good friend delivered some home truths and some demons were battled, whether to good effect has yet to be seen...

Creatively, things are coming on apace despite the above distractions, plans are afoot for some new directions next year.  Last week in the gallery was an improvement on recent times with plenty of purchasing and commissioning going on which is starting to get things back on an even keel after some lean weeks past, which is a weight off my mind, it's been difficult remaining optimistic at times.

Enough of this ramble (preamble) now, as I have work to do, I do...