naively enthusiastic or idealistic, failing to recognise the practical realities of a situation

This morning dawned crisp and clear out in the countryside, a blanket of frost covered all, minus 4˚ on the thermometer, the sun gently warming the ice on the windsceen.  The city on the other hand is under a blanket of fog, like a legacy from the week's madness.  Photographing stars at 4:30 a.m on Tuesday set the tone with the cresendo arriving at our Christmas shopping evening on Thursday, followed by a visit to some local bars, culminating in some less than honourable behaviour on my part.  Any caution was caught in the proverbial gale and was in complete tatters by the early hours of Friday morning.

However, not being one to dwell, I need to throw myself into my images, reheat some long neglected streams and work on those new projects I keep thinking about.

Working at the gallery every day is going to take it's toll over the next few weeks, and it all kicks off tomorrow on our Sunday launch. I'm hoping it will be a rather more sedate affair than Thursday, for me anyway.  If you're in the area, come on down, live music, warming winter beverages and 10% off all purchases, what more could one possibly want?

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It's Monday, Time For The First Post!

Well here we are, the blog has arrived, first post and all that!

Thought I'd kick things off with a pic of my gallery at Manchester Craft & Design Centre, we've got a couple of exciting Christmassy things going on this week, first up on Thursday 27th there's a Christmas Shopping evening from 6-8pm - highlights include 10% off at all the fantastic studios and nibbles and drinks too, I'll be serving cheese & biscuits and Port (if I haven't quaffed it all myself beforehand!).  Secondly there's our Sunday Opening Launch on the 30th, heralding 7 days of work each week until Christmas Eve for me, Yay!

For more details visit: www.craftanddesign.com

My plan with the blog is to post a new photograph every week to keep my creative juices flowing and indulge in a bit of light hearted gossip and idle speculation about the world of craft....
Be afraid, you know who you are....Craftspeople.