Final February Fling.

Afternoon Session
NQ 2008
© edward chadwick 2009

Well, time seems to be galloping by.  Fun and games have been and gone, lost in the ether, until the point that there's simply too many adventures to blog about.  I either need to get it down more often or lead a less hectic life!

So, what's been going on since the last installment?  Midweek, a glass roofed Victorian market building resounded to the sound of some heavy guitar rock, by 8ish the two protagonists, ears ringing, made their way to the fortnightly institution that comprises Common Knowledge. The scant team of two barely informed gents was buoyed on a wave of slightly misplaced optimism going into the final round towards the top of the table!  But Bloody Hell!  What's this?  A super special secret round of hoola-hooping!  And I'm not refering to some kind of scoffing comp with the similarly named potato based snackery, I'm talking full on gyration with a florescent pink circle of joy! With the requisite skills of a certain elfen pal missing, a swift team talk revealed a reluctance to compromise integrity and discretion proved the better part of valour as two chaps bowed out gracefully, reputations thankfully still intact.

Commissions at the studio duly completed, Friday evening began as a pleasant little real ale crawl, the scene of some previous shenanigens The Marble Arch was made for with a view to sampling their rather choice array of freshly brewed beverages.  An initiation for some in our little party, the Marble's excellent '1425' ale was hitting the spot nicely, food was planned but somehow got lost in the fray. I think in this instance the less said the better, suffice to say unfortunately the curtain had to be drawn down a little prematurely on the nights proceedings after a misunderstanding and slight overreaction regarding some fairly innocuous boyish prankage.  A sour taste was left and a lamp-post lived up to its name, admirably unmovable...

Saturday saw a return to more sedate and salubrious surroundings as a jaunt was made out to the ever excellent Inn at Whitewell.  Some simple honest fare was consumed in front of a crackling hearth overflowing with logs, the perfect foil to the madness of the preceding evening, some fine cheeses and a tot of port drew the evening to a warm glowing close.

This week a slightly quieter time at the studio opened up a few little opportunities to indulge in some off piste activities, nipping out for lunchtime pie and afternoon coffee & cake, both enjoyed in pleasant company.  In addition, the last minute cancelation of an important meeting led to an early evening visit to see a sporty little number with a sting in the tail, which proved to be rather revealing!

As February draws to a close, a fine finale is planned for the evening ahead.  A little caper to my home village is in order to watch our pals band 'The Crimpolenes' provide some sterling 80's derived entertainment, with the company and music sorted, lets hope the ale proves to be equally quaffable.  A veritable cornucopia of joy awaits...


Quirky Folk.

Adapt & Survive
Newcastle 2007
© edward chadwick 2009

Whilst musing over some of the last week's events, a quest for a suitable image was embarked upon, initially frustratingly fruitless, I'd almost given up when I stumbled upon this from a couple of years ago.  It couldn't be any more apt, I think I even let out a little yelp of barely contained amusement!

After a delightfully fruitful week in the gallery, a certain cheeky chum and her impetuousity towards early Birthday celebrations made for a brisk Friday finish.  Ensconced in Common Bar with all good intentions for  'just a couple' the afternoon began to snowball into a full on evening affair!  Others arrived and a heated discourse was held regarding the validity of my medium during which some unfortunately naive and maybe slightly misconstrued comments led to some minor toy throwing on my part.  Eventually my thoughts turned to mild disappointment rather than ire and the realisation that even after quite a few years of running my own reasonably successful show I still don't know nowt!  Not to worry, 'carry on' I think the phrase is.  And carry on we certainly did, hosteries visited, buses home missed, the whole works....

Saturday morning dawned quiet and clear, which set the tone for the day at the gallery, patiently contemplative.  By close of business, the days efforts well rewarded, haste was made to a small hotel on the south side of town for an evening of romance.  A meal at Piccolinos started things off nicely before moving on, cocktails for Y and choice ales for moi slipped away nicely.  Way was made to Fuel to catch some pals perform their particular brand of guitar based folk, the evening progressed at a pleasantly sedate pace and by 2 a.m it was time to retreat into the night.

Sunday morn brunch was scoffed in the ever excellent Folk, a grilled haloumi pitta hitting the spot.  A day of relaxation bekoned, papers were read, soup was made, then it was out again to watch even more folky guitar musings from our pals The Roman Empire, oh dear, what's that they're serving at the bar, Golden Pippin? Yes please, just the one etc.... 

In other news I've made another submission to a show and had 2 pieces accepted for the forthcoming 'Instant' exhibition at Touchstones Rochdale.  I've also got a real urge to shoot some exciting new stuff too.... Keep your eyes peeled.  And don't forget, high end is the way forward.....whatever that means?  I can think of a choice comment or two!


Roadhouse Blues.

Les Paul Standard
© edward chadwick 2009

Foregoing the opportunities presented by two exhibition openings last Thursday in favour of an evenings work, the tone was set by Friday for a little light relief.  Things began sedately, work commitments fulfilled and enjoying an apres-work ale another opening dropped like the proverbial bombshell!  The rumour was invitation only, however a couple of quick phone calls to some old chums dispelled any concerns and haste was made in the direction of Oxford Road.  A brisk trot was embarked upon, briefly interrupted to quench the thirst in the Peveril at the halfway point.  Arriving at the Whitworth just after 6, more pals were met and sparkly stuff quaffed, an audience with Nicholas Serrota added to the excitement and a brief glance at the rather darkly impressive show was made.

The conversation flowed, a small telling off was received and artistic nonsense was spouted, by 9 though it was time for excuses to be made as 3 made their way back across town to the Marble to sample some rather excellent ale.  Ensconced at a table in the tiled paradise with a fine pint of 'Lagonda' a sudden realisation was made that no food had passed our lips for quite some time, crisps didn't go very far and after a tad more sampling it was time to head for home.  Back at a reasonable hour for once, even taking into account a frankly ridiculous excursion up a particularly icy hill!

Saturday was a quiet time in the studio, a perfect foil to the evening planned ahead.  Arriving home, arrangements were made and it was 'Chadwicks on tour', hurtling towards a local hostelry down bumpy back roads in the Jeep.  Our pal of certain notoriety Mr Liam Spencer and his compatriots were providing the entertainment under the guise of 'The Crimpolenes'.  The White Lion offered some very good pints of 'Golden Pippin' and a table with a fine view was soon procured, the company was good, 'The Crimpolenes' absolutely first class and the opportunity for some impromptu pogo action for one member of our little party certainly put a huge smile on my face.

Finally after an encore or two it was homeward bound once more, the boys wanted Shiraz but the girls wanted bed so it was time to acquiesce for once.

"Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel"


Ta Ta Trophy.

Renaultsport Clio Trophy No:69/500
© edward chadwick 2009

With another steed relinquished from the stable, I thought a little homage was in order.

Widely recognised as the pinnacle of its particular breed, the recipe of a large punchy motor shoehorned under the bonnet, low weight and a tailored chassis was second to none.  First acquaintances were made back in 2005 when garage space was shared with a twin in a rather fetching shade of french racing blue, given the choice, my blue example always won out oddly, the rarity of the Trophy somehow tempered any real use in anger.

Over the course of time, newer, more salubrious machinery came and went, yet the Trophy remained, eagerly skipping down Irish back roads at a brisk clip, tripods and DSLR's rolling around behind somewhere.  Waiting patiently by streams, shrines and shorelines whilst shots were hastily arranged and rearranged, the hot metal ticking as it cooled.  A fine partner for a blast to an early morning shoot, the sun cutting through the morning mist, flickering like an empty slide projector as trees merged into a blur, slightly moist tarmac adding a dash of anxiety, race spec dampers keeping the rubber in contact with terra firma (most of the time), heady days indeed.

Eras all eventually come to an end and tough decisions made, goodbyes were finally made on a cold, snowy morning outside a gothic town hall.  A momentary pang of regret was lost to the four winds and best wishes were extended as a happy young chap cantered off into the sunset with his new pride and joy.

Time, it seems, for someone else to enjoy something really rather special...


First February Flutter.

Iconic Interior Ireland 1996
polariod dry transfer
© edward chadwick 2009

Well, sat on the heater, looking out of the studio window at the snow flurries I feel like I ought to have posted up something wintery.  However, not one to be predictable, apart from admittedly my penchant for hot coffee at 11ish every morning, I've put up a little preview of one of my pieces recently submitted for the forthcoming 'Instant' exhibition at Touchstones Rochdale.

The piece was shot in a derelict house on the west coast of Ireland more than a decade ago.  I created a series of images, intimate details of crumbling rural domesticity juxtaposed with the iconic presence of religious reliqury and imagery.  The images began an exploration into iconography that has continued throughout certain elements of my work ever since.

Anyway, enough of this dreary pontificating, can tell I've been busying myself writing Artists statements.  What's been going on in the real world?  A eye-opening Burns night at the local, haggis, the highland fling and northern soul rounded the evening to a fine 4:30 am finish.  The week however was troubled by a slight chill in the air which turned out to be thankfully quite unfounded, frost thawed by Friday and a fine evening was enjoyed with some choice chums.  Real ales, bawdy conversation and oddly a Chinese meal at 2:30 am made for a success, not a mixture of elements that usually spring readily to mind I have to confess but there we are.

This week so far promises some inclement weather, an exhibition in the offing and dabbling in the dubious world of used car sales???

Life is never dull.