Ta Ta Trophy.

Renaultsport Clio Trophy No:69/500
© edward chadwick 2009

With another steed relinquished from the stable, I thought a little homage was in order.

Widely recognised as the pinnacle of its particular breed, the recipe of a large punchy motor shoehorned under the bonnet, low weight and a tailored chassis was second to none.  First acquaintances were made back in 2005 when garage space was shared with a twin in a rather fetching shade of french racing blue, given the choice, my blue example always won out oddly, the rarity of the Trophy somehow tempered any real use in anger.

Over the course of time, newer, more salubrious machinery came and went, yet the Trophy remained, eagerly skipping down Irish back roads at a brisk clip, tripods and DSLR's rolling around behind somewhere.  Waiting patiently by streams, shrines and shorelines whilst shots were hastily arranged and rearranged, the hot metal ticking as it cooled.  A fine partner for a blast to an early morning shoot, the sun cutting through the morning mist, flickering like an empty slide projector as trees merged into a blur, slightly moist tarmac adding a dash of anxiety, race spec dampers keeping the rubber in contact with terra firma (most of the time), heady days indeed.

Eras all eventually come to an end and tough decisions made, goodbyes were finally made on a cold, snowy morning outside a gothic town hall.  A momentary pang of regret was lost to the four winds and best wishes were extended as a happy young chap cantered off into the sunset with his new pride and joy.

Time, it seems, for someone else to enjoy something really rather special...

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