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Newcastle 2007
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Whilst musing over some of the last week's events, a quest for a suitable image was embarked upon, initially frustratingly fruitless, I'd almost given up when I stumbled upon this from a couple of years ago.  It couldn't be any more apt, I think I even let out a little yelp of barely contained amusement!

After a delightfully fruitful week in the gallery, a certain cheeky chum and her impetuousity towards early Birthday celebrations made for a brisk Friday finish.  Ensconced in Common Bar with all good intentions for  'just a couple' the afternoon began to snowball into a full on evening affair!  Others arrived and a heated discourse was held regarding the validity of my medium during which some unfortunately naive and maybe slightly misconstrued comments led to some minor toy throwing on my part.  Eventually my thoughts turned to mild disappointment rather than ire and the realisation that even after quite a few years of running my own reasonably successful show I still don't know nowt!  Not to worry, 'carry on' I think the phrase is.  And carry on we certainly did, hosteries visited, buses home missed, the whole works....

Saturday morning dawned quiet and clear, which set the tone for the day at the gallery, patiently contemplative.  By close of business, the days efforts well rewarded, haste was made to a small hotel on the south side of town for an evening of romance.  A meal at Piccolinos started things off nicely before moving on, cocktails for Y and choice ales for moi slipped away nicely.  Way was made to Fuel to catch some pals perform their particular brand of guitar based folk, the evening progressed at a pleasantly sedate pace and by 2 a.m it was time to retreat into the night.

Sunday morn brunch was scoffed in the ever excellent Folk, a grilled haloumi pitta hitting the spot.  A day of relaxation bekoned, papers were read, soup was made, then it was out again to watch even more folky guitar musings from our pals The Roman Empire, oh dear, what's that they're serving at the bar, Golden Pippin? Yes please, just the one etc.... 

In other news I've made another submission to a show and had 2 pieces accepted for the forthcoming 'Instant' exhibition at Touchstones Rochdale.  I've also got a real urge to shoot some exciting new stuff too.... Keep your eyes peeled.  And don't forget, high end is the way forward.....whatever that means?  I can think of a choice comment or two!

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