It's Monday, Time For The First Post!

Well here we are, the blog has arrived, first post and all that!

Thought I'd kick things off with a pic of my gallery at Manchester Craft & Design Centre, we've got a couple of exciting Christmassy things going on this week, first up on Thursday 27th there's a Christmas Shopping evening from 6-8pm - highlights include 10% off at all the fantastic studios and nibbles and drinks too, I'll be serving cheese & biscuits and Port (if I haven't quaffed it all myself beforehand!).  Secondly there's our Sunday Opening Launch on the 30th, heralding 7 days of work each week until Christmas Eve for me, Yay!

For more details visit: www.craftanddesign.com

My plan with the blog is to post a new photograph every week to keep my creative juices flowing and indulge in a bit of light hearted gossip and idle speculation about the world of craft....
Be afraid, you know who you are....Craftspeople.

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sallyent said...

woo welcome to blogland, the addiction starts here, there is no escape... x