Winter Blues.

Frosty - Silence
© edward chadwick 2009

A girl said to me this week, she had a bit of the winter blues, I know how she feels, it's an odd time.  Filled with expectation yet with the inevitability of an anti-climax, and I'm not just refering to our Crafty Christmas Party coming up this week.

I thoroughly explored the winter blues aspect of things midweek, the evening started off splendidly with a visit to Matt & Preds Jazz Club with some choice company.  Once said company had departed the wheels got a little shaky and at once rather disenchanted with the Bars of the Northern Quarter a gallop was made to the sticks, where things became, shall we say....Eventful...

A subsequent evening spent in a wing back chair in a more salubrious environment with a very good friend delivered some home truths and some demons were battled, whether to good effect has yet to be seen...

Creatively, things are coming on apace despite the above distractions, plans are afoot for some new directions next year.  Last week in the gallery was an improvement on recent times with plenty of purchasing and commissioning going on which is starting to get things back on an even keel after some lean weeks past, which is a weight off my mind, it's been difficult remaining optimistic at times.

Enough of this ramble (preamble) now, as I have work to do, I do...


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