Known to Cross Lines.

© edward chadwick 2009

Just a little preview of my forthcoming exhibit, virtually finished after a heady bout of creativity, just a few loose ends to tie up.

The week so far has had its ups and downs, a particular low point was having a piece stolen from the gallery on Wednesday, a pursuit though the Northern Quarter followed, albeit slightly compromised by the axe and saw along for the ride! Unfortunately no miscreants were apprehended, so we'll just have to write that one off, however, if you're offered a black & white photograph of Manchester town hall in the boozer the likelihood is that it's rather hot!

Art theft! Pah! Completely interrupted my flow on my 'horror vacui' project.  However, progress resumed today and completion was consumated with a celebratory ale with a fine pal in one of my favourite watering holes.

Justly deserved.

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