On the Brink

NY View
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The holiday season draws ever closer to it's culmination, just a few days left, the hours trickling by seemingly too fast.  Soon a Tuesday will dawn and it'll be back to the gallery to see what we can achieve in 2009, it would appear that positivity is all the rage this year, thinking big things will help you achieve greatness - that sort of thing.

The optimism sounds good to me, best laid plans and all.  Sometimes however, things can't be planned for and fate, chance or shear luck can upset the apple cart for better or for worse.  My usual trick is not to plan and some out of character attempts to do so for the new year have already fallen foul of diversionary tactics!  

The year started out in excellent style on the dancefloor of a slightly down at heal venue filled with northern soul and I'm not just refering to the music, the clientele being particularly favourable to a fine evenings entertainment.  Earlier on hotel rooms booked added a dash of spice reminiscent of shenanigens enjoyed in years gone by, the evening began with visits to some favourite hostelries.  After a whiskey chaser to dispell a sore throat a sensible approach to consumption was adopted and much welcomed by home time not to mention the morning after.

I had to concede that this NYE was better than the last not least for the lack of a naked man in the bar, having to witness some particularly busy hands ran it close though, but at least I didn't have to get the polish out the day after unlike some, that kind of thing is tucked firmly away in its box for now.

My Horror Vacui black book is calling and I haven't even started it yet....

Need to get on.

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