Summer's Closing.

France 2009
© edward chadwick 2009

Well, that was quite a break from the bloggery!  Many apologies, perhaps it's just not something that appeals to me as a Summer activity.  Now that the weather's started to turn, the evenings drawing in ever closer I've had the urge for a couple of weeks to fire this up again and it's seemingly taken that long to actually remember the password to get in here!

The Summer seems to have passed in a flurry, it seems only two minutes since I was planting out my rows of beans, potatoes, onions and other assorted vegetable treatery at Chadwick Towers.  Now I'm down to the last of the courgettes and a raft of garlic that appears reluctant to bulb, everything else has been cropped, eaten, pickled or put into deep storage in the infamous cellar.  Even the Elderflower cordial has run dry.

Work wise, we're just limbering up to busier times. Calendars need to be designed, new work printed and exciting shoots completed. Look forward to more regular updates as Autumn unfurls.

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Tayab Iqbal said...

Nice shot

One day I will manage to successfully find at A+C Centre and look at your work