Autumn Leaves.

'Summer Oranges'
Rochdale 2009
© edward chadwick 2009

This morning dawned a blustery affair.  Over breakfast, contemplating the traffic chaos of the day before, strangely coincidental with the return of the kids to school, a decision was made to take a slightly more scenic route to work, hopefully avoiding the furore that seems to go hand in hand with the school run round our parts.

Thus a little Fiat splashed its way down a pretty back road, made all the more spectacular as a brief shaft of sun burst through the clouds and illuminated a huge Chestnut in all its orange tinged glory! Yes, the leaves really have started to turn, so I guess that really does signify the start of Autumn. Such was the intensity of the leaves it put me in mind of an outing back in the slightly warmer climes of June when a visit was made to a park in Rochdale to view a similar Chestnut graced with a host of Oranges, fruits in this instance, albeit knitted ones, a stunning piece of yarnbombing created by ArtYarn as part of the Knitted Nature project with Touchstones Rochdale.

As September progresses at a brisk clip, plans are afoot choosing pieces to show on the stand at the forthcoming Buy Art Fair hosted at Urbis in Manchester.  Current favourites in the running are some large format black & white abstract pieces, however some of my more obscure colour work is also vying for attention, decisions...

In other news, at the weekend a couple of gents shaved 2 whole hours off their annual 'round the hills' ramble and the forthcoming weekend promises an audience with a good pal, a certain Mr Liam Spencer and his band of reprobates 'The Crimpolenes' - heady times await...

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