Lighter Nights.

Jane Blease Light Box
Manchester 2009
© edward chadwick 2009

Over the last week or so there's been a real sense of spring in the air, balmy days have become more frequent and the bulbs are starting to nose upwards in the pots.  There's a real sense of seasonal change just around the corner and it's seen a renewed surge of activity in the Chadwick camp.

Cellars have been tidied, neglected projects kickstarted and the vegetable patch has been dug and tilled to perfection.  The Spring Equinox was welcomed in with spirited style, some neighbourliness by a pair of gents with a box of cheap plonk was a precursor to the newly arranged bottles in the cellar having a bit of a purge.  Two or maybe three choice bottles were liberated and quaffed in a celebratory style, the talk was of Summer bonfires and long walks up in the mountains and a 3a.m finish was cantered to with ease!  The following morning whilst rattling to work on the train in a slightly hazy reverie, I was rudely jolted back to reality by a barrage of brisk correspondence from a cheeky chum. On her way to NYC, and only too eager to relate first class flying, concorde lounging, bucks fizz quaffing activities in a most excitable manner, the swine!

But hey! I'm not envious in any way... I can derive my pleasures relocating my raspberry canes!  Workwise, things have been a little quiet at the studio, commissions have been done and are gracing the walls rather nicely while they await collection.  It's also been an absolute pleasure to do a small shoot for my pal and frankly fabulous lighting designer Jane Blease, it's not often I do product work these days but when the product is something special it can be very rewarding indeed.

With lighter nights nearly upon us, I can't wait to spend more time in the garden, riding the hills on my bike, or tinkering with some machinery if I'm ever allowed to buy that Lotus.... Sssshhh...

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