Star Gazing.

'Rail Trails'
Rossendale 2010
© edward chadwick 2010

Well, here we are into February, the deadline set in my last blog post has passed by in a flash.  Anything to report? Lets just say, it's looking increasingly likely that 2010 really is going to prove to be a year of some pretty major changes.  The major decision has been made & not lightly either, plenty of deliberation & time spent in front of the abacus, but it has to be for the best, it also has to work & there's only yours truly who can make sure it does. Talk about upping the ante a tad!

I've got to keep a little quiet for the time being don't want to go shooting myself in the foot or jinxing the great escape before it's all finalised.  So I'll pad the rest of the blog out with some idle photo-chatter,  I've been shooting a lot of new stuff of late, a camera is with me at all times, I'm hitting on a real stream of creativity & throwing everything at it.  First my snowy shoots back in early Jan, then a fantastic moon & clear skies arrived at the end lending itself perfectly to some night - shooting.  The last time I did any of this with any seriousness was back in 2002 on the west coast of Ireland with my Cambo5x4 being the tool of choice, subject matter: stormy seas & skies.  This time I've gone for some more cutting edge equipment - just to see what it's capable of & have to say I'm pretty pleased, I'm just playing at the moment - experimentation is the name of the game, it's usually conducive to stumbling upon something magical.

There's something wonderfully serene & quite beautiful about night shooting, I think it's because of the patience involved.  Sat in the peaceful darkness, just a camera & thoughts for company - it's both a contemplative & reflective activity, in these days of ever increasing demands for instant results & gratification it's a rather pleasing experience - that to create something beautiful it actually takes a little time to do so.  So I had a whole weekend of shoot after shoot, landscapes by day, the sky by night, very uplifting if a tad exhausting.  Especially when interspersed with the usual end of week high jinx with the Common pals.

In other news, the new website is coming on apace, it's going to have a cross section of my images on there & also a shopping section, so finally people will have the opportunity to buy my originals online. It's really not before time, I get so many enquiries about buying over the web from customers through the gallery that I confess I've been far too tardy in getting it sorted out.

What else? Oh yes, it may be the last we hear from this blog for a while, there's new & exciting things going on over on tumbr.... here infact:

Hopefully like the night shots, all these little things will be worth the wait...


Boris said...

great pictures on your blog!

Sy's Prints said...

love your work